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Rhythm Band·Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018
It all began in the 1960's in Luxembourg, the little country between France, Germany and Belgium. They quickly became famous with legendary performances on luxembourgisch festivities and a hundred concerts per year. Despite their national succes, the band never got the chance to play on an international level.

Rhythm Band played various genres of music from valse, contemporary pop music up to wild rock music, a genre they always prefered. The band faszinated and electrified the public with wild guitar riffs and drifting drum beats.
In 1989 the band broke up. New musictrends became more famous, especially DJ's got booked for festivities. The Rhythm Band decided that there is no motivation left for them to continue.
After a long break of nearly thirty years, one bandmember felt the need to make a revival. In 2016, the new Rhythm Band celebrated their come-back. For a short period of time, they called themselves "Rhythm Band Reloaded". But they soon felt the need to keep the old band name.
As passionated rock-musicians, the band can now play live rock music from the 60's up to today.Rhythm Band's fame has never been forgotten. That's the reason why the group now also plays in foreign countries.
With live cover songs from Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Flogging Molly, Bruno Mars, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Robert Palmer and many more, the band thrills the audience. inciting it to dance and sing.


Das europäische Weinnetzwerk